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How to make unselectable or uncopyable text for web page?

Author: Sanjay Kumar

About Author: Blogger, Web Developer, Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Published Date: 02/12/2018

Congratulations, if you want to make the text of your website unselectable or uncopyable and you are looking for the code then stop searching now because I am going to tell you

how to make unselectable webpage.

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How to use

Always keep the css inside the head tag. And type class = "noselect" into the div where you want to make the text unselectable. Generally people add class = "noselect" inside body tags so that any text inside the body will become unselectable.

Why people make unselectable or uncopyable text

I believe the same old justification is to forestall of us from repeating and pasting the content in order that they do not steal it. I sometimes roll my eyes at this as a result of if a user extremely desires that text, you'll be able to grasp a method or another, even with choice disabled.

I chanced on another example: a developer wished to disable choice as a result of double-clicking a table row would open up a separate modal dialog showing details that row. But, at an equivalent time double-clicking chosen the text, that was unwanted. that's a minimum of a far better reason than the primary, though ideally you'd wish to figure around that downside another manner than creating it unselectable.

So to answer your question, i do not extremely suppose there square measure smart reasons. If it's as a result of one thing just like the second state of affairs, you ought to re-write the behavior to one thing additional expected (instead of double clicking, perhaps open the dialog with one click). If it is the 1st state of affairs, individuals can realize some way around it, if they need it enough.

Conclusion:- This is not the end. If you are going to make a blog or websites, you are suffering lots of problem. but don't worry here we cover most of the problem. you may also follow the next topics. Thank you for being here..