Secrets Of Make Money On Fiverr

Author: Sanjay Kumar

About Author: Blogger, Web Developer, Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Published Date: 07/12/2018

Making money with Fiverr is not so easy, but the truth is, many people earn more than $ 1000 a month from Fiverr. Friends, I am not demotivating you, but I understand my duty to tell you the truth. Today, in this article, I will tell you about two ways to earn money from Fiverr.

I have been associated with Fiverr for the past 5 years and have been doing Digital Marketing for almost 8 years. So today I am here to share my 2 Secret of making money from Fiverr. If you are too serious to earn money from Fiverr then read this article carefully and follow all the steps mentioned here and you will definitely get success.

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I hope you have basic knowledge about Fiverr. If you are new and do not know anything about Fiverr, then you can follow this article.

Now I'm going to tell you about the two Secret of Fiverr, from whom I and the people who follow me earn millions of months. The two methods I use to earn money from Fiverr, I am in two separate categories. The first method is to call it GWEF, that is, a General way of earning on Fiverr and SWEF, the smart way of earning on Fiverr. So let's be friends, we understand these two alternatives in detail.

1. GWEF - General way of earning on Fiverr

GWEF is a method of earning money from Fiverr, which is used by almost all people or trying to do some extent.

In GWEF, we have covered all the points from making an account on Fiverr till finding the first customer. If you follow the other points mentioned below without understanding the general way of earning on Fiverr then there are many chances that you have failed. Therefore it is very important to follow the first method. The first way would be to lay the foundation of your business and the other way would increase your business faster.

In GWEF - General way of earning on Fiverr, we have covered the following.

1. How to create an account on Fiverr?
2. How to create your attractive profile on Fiverr?
3. How to make your first gig on Fiverr?
4. What methods did you adopt to get your first customer?

1. How to create an account on Fiverr?


Friends If you have not done registration on Fiverr yet, you can do it now. Registration on Fiverr is very easy. You must have an email ID for this. You can also register with Facebook, but I will suggest that you register from your email. If possible for Fiverr registration, then create your own separate email ID as you will receive a lot of important messages from Fiverr on this email in the future.

You can register on Fiverr by clicking on the following link.

2. How to create your business profile on Fiverr?

Creating your profile on Fiverr is not difficult, but if you talk about a business profile then it is not easy for everyone to do this. As you know, we go to Fiverr for two purposes only. First of all, we have to buy some services or sell something. If you want to register for buying services on Fiverr then you do not have to make the profile for you. But if you have registered on Fiverr to sell services, then making profile is very important. Now let us see what things we need to focus on to create a business profile.

1. Profiles should be engageable and unique 2. The text of 100 words below the profile name is required to be written. You write some text in the text box Whereby the customer can stop after seeing your profile. I would like to explain this with an example. finest clothes are placed outside the clothing shop so that the customers enter the shop after seeing the clothes kept out. Once the customer enters the shop, the shopkeeper sells the clothes to the customer in his own way.

In the same way, the text message of 100 words on Fiverr helps your customers to stoped on your profile, and once the customers read your profile, then the probability will increases that they also see the gig and If they will see your gig then the probability of selling also increase. So friends have to write the text differently and thoughtfully.

I am giving some examples below.

You can write your Achievement in this text box, if you take a degree from a good institute, you can write about it like I am web developer certified by your institute name. e.t.c.

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2. Now the second most important area is the description. In the description, you are written about yourself, about your experience, what services you sell.

What are the things to keep in mind when writing a description on Fiverr?

As I mentioned above, the description is about yourself, about your experience and about services which are you provide. But while writing a description it is important to keep some things in mind. In the description, you write only one line about yourself and in detail about your Experience and Services. If possible, write a line about how many services sold to your customers.


3. Write down all the courses you have done and skills according to your gig.

4. In the profile you will also come to link a section of social sites. You should try to put a profile link of all your social accounts here. Fiverr currently asks you for a profile link of Facebook, Google+, Dribbble, Linkedin, Stack Overflow. I believe that, add your all profile links. due to this fiverr will give more value to your profile and bring it up in the search rankings.

5. Finally, also add your certificate, language, and your education.

3. How to make your first gig on Fiverr?

what is Gig?

The service you sell on Fiverr has been given a name, which Fiverr has called the gig.
If I say in simple words, then the gig is a menu of services that are specially written about the service.

How to make gig on Fiverr?

making a Gig is not difficult at Fiverr, you just have to fill your service details. You have to do the following work to make a gig.

1. First of all, you must log in in your Fiverr account.
2. Now you will get a selling option in the header when you click on it, you will have a lot of options in front of you, you will click on the gigs from it.
3. If you are making your first gig, you will have a create a new gig option on the right side. Click on it.
4. A page will open in front of you now by filling gig title, category, search tag then clicks on the save and continue button.
5. Now you will open a new page in which he will be calling you to make a package. So now you have to prepare your gig as a package. You can create as many as three and at least one packages for one of your gigs. To make the package you have to fill in the Package Name, Description, Delivery Time, Revision, Price etc.

Details of the filling in the package are different for each gig.

 So you should not be confused and fill all the fields with your wishes. After filling everything right, click the save and continue button.

6. Now a new page will open once again to you, in which you will be asked to fill the details about your gig. After filling everything right, click the save and continue button.

7. Now a requirement page will open in front of you.
In this, you have to fill all the details that you want from the customer while selling the service. Like I have a gig for the websites SEO. If the customer buys this gig for me, then the customer will have to give me access to his website so that I can do SEO of his website. After filling the Requirement, once again click on the save and continue button.

  8. Now the page of Build Your Gig Gallery will open in front of you. To create a gallery, you will have three types of options like photos, videos, and PDFs. You can use one of those options to create your gallery and click on the Save and Continue button again.

9. Finally, you will have a button of publish gig in front of you, click on it. This will be your first gig ready.


By registering on Fiverr and making a gig, you will not get any benefit. You will get the benefit when your gig sell. Your gig will never sell if you will be relax after making a gig. Now you have to work on the most necessary marketing to sell the service. Do not be disappointed I will give you step by step information about marketing so that you can easily sell your service at Fiverr.

What approach should we adapt to find our first customer?

If you have to become a successful online marketer for Fiverr, then it is very important to understand these five methods given below.

1. Email Marketing
2. Video Marketing
3. Blog
4. Tags
5. Social Media

So far, What are Fiverr? What is the gig? How does this work? Along with it, you have learned to register and create a business profile.

Now I will tell you about the most important factor for marketing on Fiverr. Apply all the marketing methods you have here to implement your business, you will definitely get success. So let's know the best ways of marketing.

1. Email marketing

If you know about digital marketing then you must have heard of email marketing. If you send an email to your target customer then the chances of selling your product greatly increase.

How to do email marketing?

Follow the following points to do email marketing correctly.

1. First, you have to collect the email ID of your target customer. For this, you can run social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. Also, you can offer some service on your blog or website. when people registered itself for these services then you will get customer email ID and more.

After receiving the email ID, you can send an email to your customer for your service, for this, you can use the MailChimp software.


2. Video marketing

In these days, every small and big company uses video marketing to sell the service to its customers.

How to do Video Marketing?

To do video marketing, you should keep the following points in mind.

1. First of all, you have to create high-quality video for your service. If you are capable of making a video then do it yourself, otherwise Can get this job done by professional.  By giving $ 5 dollars to Fiverr, you can get this job done by a professional.

2. After the video is created, you can post it to your blog. Also post it on every social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. You will begin to see its impact some time later.

3. blog

1. You should create a blog for your services. You can use Blogger, WordPress for this. If you do not have the knowledge of creating a blog then you can learn it through YouTube or by reading the article. These are not too difficult. If you can not do this then you can get this job done by professional on Fiverr.

If you get this job done by the developer, then you can make a service page as well as a review page for customer satisfaction. Seeing your service portfolio, the customer will know more about your business and after seeing the service review page, Customer will increase confidence in you.

2. Once the website has been created, you can write articles related to your services and post it on it and share it on all social media. This will increase the traffic on your blog, which will also increase your sell.

4. social media

You must share the services you sell on the social media platform. Plus you can also share your gig.

Best Social Media Platform

1. Facebook
2. Youtube
3. LinkedIn
4. quora
5. Instagram
6. Google Plus
7. Tumblr
8. Reddit
9. Justdial
10. twitter

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5. Tag

When you prepare the gig for your service on Fiverr, you have the option of filling the tag related to your service. You put the best keywords related to your service so that whenever a buyer search something related to your services on Fiverr, then your gig appears first or above. If you can do this then there is a lot of chances that the buyer will inspect your gig. When he does this, the chances of buying increases also.

SWEF - Smart way of earn on Fiverr

Regarding the general way of earning on Fiverr, we have discussed it in detail. Now we will learn about the smart way to earn on Fiverr.

If you want to quickly make your gig popular on Fiverr, you have to invest something. If you do not have any money then you will definitely get the benefit of adopting the above mentioned method. But if you have some money to invest then you can use it to popularize your gig in a few days.

We know that there is a lot of competition on Fiverr. If we do not do something different then Making money on Fiverr becomes difficult. The way I'm going to tell this is my own secret way. But today I am going to share with you. So let's know about that method.

On Fiverr, when a customer buys a gig, he analyzes the gig before it. Customer first sees How often has this gig sold as well as reading customer's review.

If gig sings are good and the review is also good, then 90% of the chances that buyers buy the same gig.

That's why our mission is that first of all, we increase our gig's sales and positive reviews. If this happens then your gig will be easily sold.

To increase sales and positive reviews, you can buy your own gig from a different account and give positive feedback. Buy at least one gig 10 times and give a positive review. After that, your sell will start coming. You will get 60% of your gig if you buy a Gig and 40% will keep it as a Fiverr commission.


If you use SWEF, then you do not pay with the same card again and again. You can use different debit or credit card for this. If you have a PayPal account, you can also use it. On buying the same gig repeatedly with the same card, Fiverr will treat it as spam.